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West Kaua‘i Being on the “Move” January 28, 2015

West Kaua‘i Being on the “Move” January 28, 2015

We started off the New Year with the Transportation Unit; Being on the Move! Keiki and Caregivers had fun exploring the different activities based on this exciting theme for the month. They learned about boats, cars, planes and trains and how we use these different types of transportation to get from one place to another.

A train station was erected in the dramatic play area where our keiki and caregivers could exchange pretend money for a train ticket to ride the train. Pretend trains were made so keiki and caregivers alike could take that train ride around the track.

In our blocks center were train tracks in which they could build their own railway for their train cars to move. At our gross motor area, they learned about the importance of wearing a helmet when riding a tricycle. The rest of the centers were filled with engaging activities for all to enjoy!

To end our Transportation unit, we all enjoyed our huaka‘i and rode the Kilohana Train. Our tour took us through the fruit fields as well as stopping to feed the pigs and goats they have there on their property.

It is not only great to teach our keiki the importance of transportation, but to also share how fun transportation can be.