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We Bid a Fond Farewell to Our “Coach” June 23, 2015

We Bid a Fond Farewell to Our “Coach” June 23, 2015

It is with great sadness but with as great an appreciation, that we bid a fond farewell and aloha to Pedro “Pete” Velasco, Recruitment Specialist for our Tech-Together (TT) program.

Better known as “Coach” or “Uncle Pete” there’s much to say about him, as it certainly won’t be the same here at the Foundation after he leaves. His sense of humor will definitely be missed and, everyone appreciates his hard work and guidance to the teams. All of us are aware of the extra hours he put in as the sole individual responsible for recruiting participatory schools, which made the Tech-Together program as successful as it has been.

Formerly of the Susannah Wesley program, Uncle Pete joined PIDF in September of 2006, and during his tenure with us has shared much of his expertise and innovative ideas with regard to teaching, and his presence has made for a rewarding and successful experience for our staff. His vast knowledge of learning theories, mentoring, familiarity with school policies and procedures, teaching excellence, interpersonal skills, the list goes on, has all contributed to make Tech-Together an outstanding program.

Described as a disciplined, honest, straight shooter, our students know from the outset that education is his priority, even more so than sports, which coming from a former Olympian is strong testimony of his desire to produce young scholars first, rather than young athletes.

Mahalo Coach. Uncle Pete. We know that you have dreams of traveling, and hope that those dreams become a reality for you. You deserve it.

Remember though that there is no place like home, so if you’re ever bored, or tire of traveling, know that you always have a home with us… A hui hou!