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We are Part of our Hāmākua Community November 29, 2016

We are Part of our Hāmākua Community November 29, 2016

Tūtū and Me Hāmākua ‘ohana enjoyed the center activities and huaka‘i for the month of October. The theme, “We are Part of a Community,” was brought to life by teaching our keiki about different businesses and service members found in their town.

‘Ohana took a stroll through their town at the beginning of the month; introducing them to the familiar faces that make up their community. They learned about mechanics as they watched a vehicle get its tires changed, listened to the importance of healthy eating as they visited a local eatery, browsed through boutiques, and had the pleasure of seeing a caregiver’s work place. One parent expressed, “It’s nice to get out. I didn’t know about some of these places!”

Throughout the month, the keiki were able to bridge connections with activities on site to the stroll through town. Some of the most popular activities included sorting mechanics tools, shopping at the farmer’s market, dressing in firefighter outfits, and pretending to fly a helicopter and airplane.

They were excited as they visited the Honoka‘a Police Department and Honoka‘a Fire Department! Their faces lit up as they were given the opportunity to walk through the stations and to hear the sirens from each vehicle. A parent volunteered to have an EKG as everyone watched as the EMT explained how to read the “squiggly lines.”

Mahalo to the Honoka‘a community members who welcomed us into their businesses, and mahalo to our local firefighters and police officers for sharing about how they take care of the people who live in town.