Holding Hands

Tūtū and Me ‘ohana visit Kekaha Community Garden February 3, 2014

Tūtū and Me ‘ohana visit Kekaha Community Garden February 3, 2014

This school year, our families from Kekaha and Hanapēpē had the opportunity to visit the Kekaha Community Garden. They were so excited to see what everyone was growing in this garden managed by Uncle John and Aunty Karin.

The community garden is there for those who want to tend a garden, learn about composting as well as participating in workshops. Food workshops for the gardeners teach them how to prepare the foods they grow.

Keiki and caregiver toured and were able to see the many different vegetables growing there such as dinosaur kale, lemon grass, sweet potato, okra, broccoli and string beans. They also recognized corn, liliko‘i, mint, basil and an active beehive which produces honey. On the outskirts are banana, papaya, coconut, lime and orange trees. Marigold plants and pigeon pea shrubs grow throughout the different parts of this garden. There was a lot to see!

With so many plants to see, there were several “hands on” activities to participate in. Picking, opening and sorting seeds from the pigeon pea and marigold plants. We also made a fresh salad with kale, basil and marigold flowers picked fresh from the garden and tasted refreshing hibiscus infused water. Of course the keiki enjoyed looking for composting worms in the bin as well as meeting the garden’s bunny who helps with providing fertilizer for the soil.

After our visit, families shared how they are very eager to start gardens of their own or even join in and be a part of the Kekaha Community Garden and its workshops. What a wonderful opportunity for our Tūtū and Me ‘ohana.