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Tūtū and Me Explores Transportation on Maui March 14, 2014

Tūtū and Me Explores Transportation on Maui March 14, 2014

During the month of January, our keiki and their families were given an opportunity to explore and learn about transportation. Children seem naturally drawn to transportation and are fascinated with things that move, make noise, and do important work.

Keiki explored the basic concepts of rolling and how things move in Science, Art, and Math. Various tire textured rollers were used at the outdoor easels. In science they worked with their caregivers rolling jars with differing materials in them. This allowed them to test the effect that the materials had on the jar’s ability to roll. Keiki used ramps of varying lengths in our Math Center and measured the distances of the vehicles they rolled. These activities develop children’s foundational math and science concepts in a fun and exciting way.

In the Dry Sensory center the keiki scooped and poured gravel into various construction vehicles. This was one of the busiest centers as they played with a construction site on a small scale. Wet Sensory center helps our keiki explore the functions of water systems utilizing water-wheels, tubes, and funnels.

In the Dramatic Play and Culture centers, children dressed up as pilots, engineers, or conductors. Most of them found a friend to join them creating opportunities for taking turns, conflict resolution, and cooperation; important skills for our keiki to develop.

What better way to wrap up the unit than with a ride on the Sugar Cane Train. You could see the excitement in the wide eyes and smiles of the keiki as the train pulled into the station, steam billowing, and the conductor shouting; “All aboard!”