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Tech Together Program Closes September 30, 2015

Tech Together Program Closes September 30, 2015

Partners in Development Foundation announced the closing of one of its very successful science and technology mentoring programs, Tech Together. The program has operated for over six years in schools throughout the State that served Hawaiian children in the elementary grades.

The focus was the introduction of science and math through hands on projects involving the students, their parents or other mentor, and their teachers. Throughout the years, Tech Together has received consistent praise for the significant impact it has had on the schools served and for the progress achieved by the students participating in its innovative curriculum.

The improvement scores for participants were impressive and the enthusiastic support and partnership of the parents and teachers were far beyond most programs in the schools. In its six years of work, Tech Together taught 11,800 students, 35,000 family members, and 23,600 student mentors. PIDF remains committed to the approach Tech Together pioneered in the area of science and technology in our schools and will be working to restart the program in the near future.

Our warmest thanks and aloha to Project Manager Tim Fulkerson, Curriculum Specialist Myra Taumanupepe, Project Assistant Susan Yamasaki, and Trainers – Kristen Tuala, Pina Tinitali Gomez, Henry Sataraka, Faamoemoe Sims , Randy Kaaloa, and Epeli Dakalaladur. You have positively impacted so many lives!