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Summer Fun August 29, 2011

Summer Fun August 29, 2011

Families at Nā Pono No Nā ‘Ohana (Family Education) participated in a fun and educational summer program. The emphasis was on learning about sustainability by participating in ocean activities. Adults were encouraged to help their keiki learn through research, pose a question to be answered or make a prediction about objects.

Visits to Hanauma Bay to go snorkeling and to the Kaupo tide pool gave families the opportunity to explore the ocean’s sea creatures and plants.

At the Family Education site, Ohana shared stories about sacred place, ku’i kalo, made planters from newspapers and reused empty containers, then planted and harvested kalo and u’ala. Keiki and their families enjoyed pounding the kalo, making and eating pa’i ai .

The summer program used recyclables to make bubble wrap jellyfish and paper towel roll octopus. Learning about fish & sea life keiki played with water, sand and shells.

Everyone had a great time and the families looking forward to the Family Education program beginning in September.