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Shop with a Cop December 19, 2017

Shop with a Cop December 19, 2017

Kiwanis Executive Club partnered with the Fort Street Mall Walmart and the Honolulu Police Department for the inaugural Kiwanis Executive Club of Honolulu Shop with a Cop event. The purpose of the event is twofold: (1) to foster positive relationships between youth and police officers and (2) to provide youth an opportunity to purchase gifts to give in the spirit of the holidays. The Kiwanis Executive Club of Honolulu provided gifts cards to the kids so that they can shop with their assigned police officer.

The beneficiary organizations were: Adult Friends for Youth, Family Programs Hawaii, and Partners in Development Foundation. Each organization was able to identify five youths to participate.

The kids were filled with joy from the time spent with the officers and the blessing they were given! To commemorate that special time together, officers purchased a gift for their new friend from them personally.

Kiwanis Executive Club of Honolulu is a member of Kiwanis International; an international service organization dedicated to serving the children and youth of the world. The club is comprised of members representing various sectors of the community including business, government, finance, and legal who primarily work in Downtown Honolulu. The purpose of the club is to support the community in which we work and live.

Mahalo Kiwanis Executive Club for allowing our foster kids to be part of this special event. It has made such a great impact in their lives. We appreciate the support you give to communities across the state.