Blending Tradition with Innovation

The Tech Together Program is an exciting ten day program that teaches sixth grade students and their families about renewable and non-renewable energy.  With the partnership of public and charter schools, this creative program delivers science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) in a stimulating and interactive way that inspires students to view these fields as prospective careers. The program highlights the resourcefulness of the Hawaiian people and encourages students to think in terms of conservation, preservation, and sustainability.

The Program provides:

  • Quality instruction with Hawaiian values and culture interwoven throughout the STEM curriculum.
  • Support in assisting students’ families in developing at-home project workspace.
  • Support in identifying personal mentors to continue student interest in building energy technology and other science projects.
  • Students with hands-on science projects which explore careers in STEM areas.
  • Students the opportunity to see how mathematics is applied to solve real problems.
  • Teachers with training and curriculum to enable them to teach this program.
  • Administrators with a program that ensures students participation in a standards-based curriculum.