AVID Program

Ka Hana No‘eau supports an active Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program at each of the school partner sites. Academic support via AVID is offered at each school partner site.

AVID is used as a vehicle to raise students’ potential for success. Participants enroll in the AVID elective course and are exposed to learning, academic and behavioral skills that are critical to school success.

AVID strategies equip participants with tools that they can use in writing, reading, and problem solving. AVID also focuses on organizational skills and building resilience in learning so that students can persevere when presented with complex, challenging tasks.

AVID aligns well with Native Hawaiian students’ learning patterns and was developed primarily for students from disadvantaged populations who are often precluded from college access due to a lack of academic readiness. The AVID program results in improved student performance in the face of rigorous standards using a culturally sensitive approach.