Baibala Hemolele, or the Hawaiian Bible Project initially began as a republishing of the Hawaiian Bible in a digital format to increase access for the next generation of Hawaiian language students.  With the help of dozens of scholars, teachers and volunteers, it has grown into a complete reorganization and standardization of the Hawaiian Bible. All 66 books of the Bible have now been translated into a standardized Hawaiian with all of the diacritical markings.

We believe that the completed Hawaiian Bible will function as the Baibala traditionally did in the latter part of the 19th century: a focal point for families, and a vital resource for practicing and perfecting Hawaiian language skills. The entire bilingual Hawaiian-English Bible was completed in 2018 and will be released on November 20th, 2018, at the Hawaiian Mission Houses Historic Site and Archives. The release includes three separate editions of the completed Baibala which are available through either Mutual Publishing (the trade edition) or Partners in Development Foundation (the PIDF and deluxe editions). 

While this part of the project has been completed, its original intentions are ongoing. Searchable image files have been created to preserve the original Palapala Hemolele published between 1837 and 1839, the 1868 Baibala Hemolele, and the 1994 Baibala Hemolele. These images, as well as searchable text files of the ʻ94 Baibala Hemolele, are currently available on our website. A searchable text file of the 1994 Hawaiian Bible in the contemporary spelling (including ‘okina and kahakō) was added to the site as individual books were completed. The project is also in the process of recording audio tracks to assist in pronunciation, cadence, and intonation. Some of these tracks can already be found on the website.

Financial support has come from government and charitable funding. A broad fellowship of church, educational, museum, social, and publishing interests have come together to support and encourage the republishing of the Baibala Hemolele. The project would not be possible without generous partnership with the Atherton Family Foundation and Kamehameha Schools.

To compare the three editions of the full bilingual Baibala, click here.

To purchase the full bilingual Baibala (PIDF or deluxe) or limited quantities of earlier editions, please call our main office at (808) 595-2752, or e-mail