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Preschool kicks off new site with movie night March 10, 2013

Preschool kicks off new site with movie night March 10, 2013

They say that there is no recipe for success, but the staff at Ka Pa‘alana are always up for challenges. So, on March 1, 2013, we took a sprinkle of enthusiastic staff, a cupful of community service providers and partners, a large serving of literacy, and a heaping helping of aloha, and stirred and stirred and stirred until we got a night full of food, fun, and literacy at the Ka Pa‘alana Preschool Kickoff Event and Movie Night at Hale Wai Vista.

The night started with a meet and greet with over a dozen community service providers. Families from Hale Wai Vista got a chance to discover all the services available within their community, and the service providers got a chance to see the faces of those they serve. After the meet and greet, families got the chance to attend Terry Nakamura’s literacy workshop. Terry is the Family Literacy Trainer for Ka Pa‘alana and one of only two nationally-certified literacy trainers who work with homeless and at-risk populations. What a treat! Those who completed the workshop got a chance to take home free books at the Book Buffet to kick start their children’s literacy.

But learning and having fun makes people hungry, and there was food enough to spare as families got treated to a chili and rice dinner, and a special baked pretzel treat. Oh, and don’t forget the cake! While families were getting their fill, Ka Pa‘alana staff began their raffle and giveaways. And thanks to the generosity of Helen Kaowili, Program Manager of our sister program, Baibala Hemolele, four lucky attendees (several of which were kūpuna) received the Hawaiian language Bible. They were so thankful for such a precious gift and we were honored to be able to give them away.

Even with all of the excitement and festivities, the night had only begun because the families were treated to an outdoor movie under the stars. It was great to see all the families bundled up and enjoying spending time together. Although the waning night represented an end to our event, it also represented a new beginning for Ka Pa‘alana at Hale Wai Vista. The preschool meets every Tuesday and Thursday at the community center on property. The first day saw 20 new smiling keiki.

Mahalo to all the service providers and families for coming out to the event and especially to Fanchon Keamo (Activities Coordinator), Jim Gesser (Resident Manager), and Prudential Locations LLC for allowing us to be a part of the community.