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Nā Pono No Nā ʻOhana Helps Moses Earn Diploma March 30, 2019

Nā Pono No Nā ʻOhana Helps Moses Earn Diploma March 30, 2019

From keiki to caregiver, Nā Pono No Nā ʻOhana helps the entire Waimānalo community. Moses Kailihiwa is just one of many individuals who worked with Nā Pono to earn his diploma and better his life.

People usually participate in Nā Pono initially for their children’s sake, but soon discover the benefits for themselves. Moses started bringing his daughters to Nā Pono’s child education program before starting the Adult Education classes.

Moses is one of over 200 individuals to obtain their Competency-Based Community School Diploma – or “C-BASE” – through Nā Pono in the last five years. He persevered for his family, taking care of work, home life, and his daughters in order to achieve his goal of receiving his diploma.

There are any number of reasons for the students at Nā Pono to not have gotten their diploma. It is common knowledge that Hawaiian students in particular do not do well in our schools. The students are excited when the second chance is available right in their community, at the very same elementary school they may have attended while children.

The reasons for returning to school are as diverse as the student population. Reasons range from getting a better job, achieving a lifelong goal, being an example for their children, wanting to attend college — the reasons go on and on and are personal to each student.

While working as a janitor at Blanche Pope Elementary School, the principal gave him two options: get his diploma, or find another job. Moses knew that he had to make a change for himself and his family.

“I’m a truck driver now, which is what I always really wanted to do. I worked my way up, I’m happy with where I’m at right now, thanks to [Project Director Lora Perry] and this program. It helped me out a lot.”