Loaʻa Ka Lanakila No Ka Hana Paʻakikī

Mr. Lang, a homeless man, woke up in the emergency room with a broken leg and had no recollection of what had happened to or why he was there. When discharged from the hospital, he came and lived outside We Are Oceania’s (WAO) office for 6 months before he could walk again.

Staff began working with Mr. Lang to support him with appropriate daily living activity needs, medical follow ups, financial support, and setting goals to go back to work once he could walk again. Staff helped Mr. Lang to obtain Temporary Disability Income and referred him to the Institute of Human Services (IHS). Through servicing him, Mr. Lang and staff learned from a police report, that his broken leg was from a hit and run accident. Mr. Lang was intoxicated at the time of the accident. After learning about the incident and living with the results, Mr. Lang set a goal to quit drinking and change his old habits to turn his life around.

This picture marks 2 years of employment, stable housing, and sobriety after the accident. The title, Loaʻa Ka Lanakila No Ka Hana Paʻakikī means victory is achieved through hard work. Mr. Lang is the byproduct of just that. He visits WAO regularly to show his deep appreciation for the services, friendships, care, and kindness he received.