Holding Hands

Little Explorers in Action February 15, 2013

Little Explorers in Action February 15, 2013

At Tūtū and Me Hawai‘i West, our ‘ohana are given many opportunities to discover the “Little Explorer” within themselves.

The ‘Discovery Backpack’ that is readily available in the Science Center offers adventure on a daily basis. Utilizing tools such as magnifying glasses, goggles, child size tweezers, binoculars, test tubes, and documentation items make it easy for keiki to have an awesome scientific adventure.

Our Waimea program went to Pelekane Bay where they were able to investigate the beach and get their hands dirty. When given the time to explore their surroundings many treasures were unveiled…… No crabs were injured during this process!

It’s great to see the heart of a child exploring the world around them. Keiki learn by looking, touching, listening, lifting, experimenting, and using tools to discover and explore.

Quotes From Our Little Explorers

“Aunty, if we don’t clean up the beach the turtles won’t lay their eggs.” La‘iAle‘a Kahaawi

“It’s a wiggly worm.” Chanted by Colletti Lucas

Pulled out a tape measure and said, “One, Five.” Colletti Lucas

“I need help it’s stuck in the cold ice.” Katiana Lovitt

“Look at all the beautiful things I found.” Referring to beach items found. Addison Cooke

“Aunty, I’m taller than the little kids.” La‘iAle‘a Kahaawi

“I see two, three, four, five of them,” while observing the caterpillars. Sunny Caravalho

“Yeah aunty, the crabs live in the sand because they hide.” Sunny Caravalho

“Aunty this fish is stinky, it’s horrible.” La‘iAle‘a Kahaawi

“Look the bubbles are coming out of the hole.” Observing soap bubbles. Calum Mandall

“It’s gooey.” Describing goop. Lilyanna Caravalho