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The name Kupa ‘Aina refers to native/indigenous foods, reflecting our goal to cultivate the land and foods utilizing ‘ike kūpuna to provide sustenance today. While the use of ʻāina would refer to being ‘native to the land’, the change to ʻaina helps keep us focused on what our kuleana is here.

Our commitment to healthy communities and healthy families is demonstrative with the creation and implementation of Kupa ʻAina. Since the blessing of the project in July 2018, Kupa ‘Aina has had transformative results on the area.

At Kupa ‘Aina we implement Natural Farming practices that encompasses traditional Hawaiian agricultural methods, Korean natural family methods, and practices used across various other sustainable agricultural models. Natural Farming utilizes in indigenous microorganisms to rejuvenate the land and produce high-yield, high-nutrient crops. These microorganisms are collected from areas close to the farms, and cultured using everyday ingredients such as sugar, rice, and seawater.

We know historically that the Native Hawaiians were able to sustain a large population 100% sustainably, and so through Kupa ‘Aina, we are rediscovering and practicing the art of feeding our families while caring for the land that sustains us.

Through Kupa ʻAina, we plan on understanding traditional agricultural practices and applying them to the contemporary issues we face as an island community, namely food security and sustainability.

As we seek sustainable solutions and what that means, we look to our Hawaiian ancestors and the wisdom they left us in moʻolelo, ʻoli, and traditional practices. This way, our keiki will reap the benefits of healthy communities and a food-secure future.



  • No chemical pesticides, herbicides, fungicides, antibiotics or other chemicals are used
  • Healthier soil; thus healthier plants and livestock
  • No waste, runoff, or foul odor
  • Reduced water use (40 to 50% less)
  • No groundwater or ocean contamination
  • Increases soil health over time



Our Kupa ʻAina Natural Farming Project is almost constantly in need of volunteers to help with many different tasks on the farm.

Check back here for the latest opportunities!

Recent News

Recent News

KYFWC on Ka Wai Ola news

January 5, 2021

The Kawailoa Youth and Family Wellness Center are highlighted as a puʻuhonua, or place to heal, for at-risk youth in hawaiʻi.

PIDF Supports Youth, ʻĀina

December 1, 2020

PIDF partners with state agencies and nonprofits to support opportunity youth at the Kawailoa Youth and Family Wellness Center.

Kupa ʻAina Makes One Year

Kupa ʻAina: One Year of Service

June 30, 2019

It’s been one year since the fields at Kupa ʻAina were blessed and we set to work rejuvenating the land and exploring paths to sustainable food production in Hawaiʻi.

Tūtū and Me Staff Volunteer at Kupa ʻAina

June 21, 2019

This month Oʻahu Tūtū and Me staff came together to volunteer at our Kupa ʻAina Demonstration Natural Farming Project in Kailua.