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Kickball Team Scores $1000 for PIDF December 9, 2013

Kickball Team Scores $1000 for PIDF December 9, 2013

Partners In Development Foundation employee Landon Varner has played Kickball for a few seasons. But this year, he did so with our Foundation in mind.

His team “Kaimana HC” plays under the 808 Sports Leagues banner, which supports charity focused co-ed sports events meant for networking, having fun, and playing for the charity of choice of every competing team.

During the finals of this season, Kaimana HC selected our Foundation to receive prize monies from corporate donors if they won.

And win they did, kicking in the winning point during the bottom of the last inning with a score of 5 to 4, thus earning our Foundation $1000.

Much Mahalo to 808 Sports Leagues, the Kaimana HC team, and our own Landon Varner (back row 3rd from left) for their kind and heartfelt generosity. Kickin’ It!!!