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Kīʻapu is a navigation and workforce collaboration, offering alternative approaches to guide youth with the tools and knowledge needed to succeed. In partnership with our key collaborators like organizational partner, Kinai `Eha, we combine cultural mentorship with practical training, guiding youth toward a future where they are skilled, community-minded, and driven to effect positive change.


Kīʻapu incorporates the community to mentor and empower youth in the program. Contact us if you are interested in participating in our program, or offering your services to Hawaiʻi's young and talented individuals.

  • Youth: Discuss how we can support your journey to success. Kīʻapu offers a supportive environment where you can gain skills, earn certifications and credentials, receive stipends and additional services based on your needs and goals, and build a career and educational pathways based on your future ambitions.  
  • Education and Training Providers: Connect with our team to see how we can work alongside you to enhance your mission to provide education and training pathways to Hawai`i’s young adults. 
  • Employers: Partner with Kīʻapu to discover motivated and resilient individuals who are ready to contribute to Hawai`i’s workforce. Invest in Kīʻapu’s future leaders and see how your organization can grow alongside them. Connect with us to discuss ways to partner and provide internship opportunities, apprenticeships, workforce development training, or job opportunities for our youth.
  • Community Members: Learn how you can join hands with Kīʻapu to provide mentorship, volunteer opportunities, and resources that make a difference in the lives of Hawai`i’s youth.




Kīʻapu offers a holistic approach to workforce development and educational pathways, providing tools and support to help youth achieve their goals.

Each participant receives personalized, one on one guidance tailored to their unique journey. Our team is trained in trauma-informed healing, and is committed to understanding participants' stories, identifying goals, and assisting them in overcoming obstacles along their path to success.
Our participants are provided with support and resources to enhance their educational pathways, including connections to CTE training, GEDs, certifications, etc. After assessing our participants' needs for support, our team identifies areas of service, including tutoring, connections to training providers and certifications, GED or completion of high school diplomas, and additional ways to enhance and support the educational experience of our youth.
We provide individual and group training that equips participants with the skills required to succeed in reaching their goals for education, training certifications, and careers.
We believe in the strength of the community and encourage participants to engage with local projects and initiatives to nurture a sense of belonging and responsibility while impacting positive change in their local communities.
We partner with educational institutions, employers, cultural practitioners, and other workforce initiatives and local organizations to ensure our participants have the resources and training they need to achieve their goals.
The Kīʻapu program strives to remove barriers to employment and education for youth by providing financial supportive services for essentials such as tools, training fees, interview attire and work uniforms, childcare, transportation, and professional certifications. This support is aimed at removing barriers for achieving success with education and workforce goals. 
  • It’s important to note that while we strive to provide comprehensive support, our funding is grant-based and, therefore, not guaranteed indefinitely. We manage our resources carefully to ensure equitable distribution of funds to all participants and maintain sustainability.

Contact Kīʻapu

Send a message to Kīʻapu and get started with empowering youth (ages 14-24) on Windward Oʻahu, Leeward Oʻahu, or Molokaʻi. Ask a question or fill out the form below and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.

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Recent News

Recent News
Little girl and her mother pose next to an easel containing the little girl's artwork.

Kōkua aku kōkua mai – Help others and be helped

December 1, 2023

Kōkua aku kōkua mai – Help others and be helped has been fundamental to Partners in Development Foundation’s Tūtū and Me program since its very start in 2001. On Maui, the program staff did just that in the wake of the tragic fires, working to reach out and support participating families as the community mobilized…

Ka Paʻalana Earns National NAEYC Accreditation

November 16, 2023

Program recognized among the top in the nation by earning accreditation.

Waimānalo Households Enrolled In Hawaiʻi Energy Program to Save Hundreds of Dollars a Year

June 6, 2023

Nearly 75 ʻohana will benefit from an appliance swap program and an energy efficiency literacy course.

Two Mentorship Programs Receive Fundamental Support to Empower Vulnerable Native Hawaiian Youth Populations

June 6, 2023

Over $120,000 will enable the youth of the Honokaʻa and greater Windward Oʻahu region to benefit from services such as career pathway development and mental health.