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Kama‘ehu Students at Kapolei Middle Gain Top Honors Too November 5, 2010

Kama‘ehu Students at Kapolei Middle Gain Top Honors Too November 5, 2010

In a recent website article, we shared how students living at HOPE Shelter in Kalaeloa were doing extremely well in school, thanks to the use of desktop computers provided by Ka Pa‘alana. By using the computers, students can access a statewide educational website where they can log-on and progress academically at their own pace. Six computers were installed in the Kama‘ehu office in 2009 and students at the Shelter have been using it to log-on to Achieve 3000’s “KidBiz” and “TeenBiz,” two programs which help students build their reading and comprehension skills.

As the 2nd quarter wears on, we are proud to announce more scholastic achievements from two students living at HOPE Shelter who attend Kapolei Middle School. On October 12, 2010 Kama‘ehu’s Diane S., a dynamic 6th grader who spent 2 years with Auntie Sheree, earned the Daily Top Scorer honor for all students who attend Kapolei Middle. Her score of 417 points couldn’t be beaten by anyone in her grade level. Congratulations, Diane!

A day later, another of Kama‘ehu’s brilliant 6th graders, Wilma C., earned the honor of Daily Top Scorer for the entire State of Hawai‘i! How’s that for an accomplishment! An email message from the State addressed to Wilma noted: “Congratulations, Wilma! You scored the most points compared to all students in your State using TeenBiz. You earned 50 bonus points and the State Daily Top Scorer achievement. In addition, your initials, avatar, and points total were posted to the State Daily Top Scorer scoreboard.”

Kama‘ehu will honor both of these top achievers at the end of the month with an ice cream party and $5 McDonald’s gift cards. Great job, Wilma and Diane! Press on and shoot for the top!