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Kama‘ehu “Jet” Soars! January 28, 2010

Kama‘ehu “Jet” Soars! January 28, 2010

Last month we shared a story about the amazing goal that was reached when one of HOPE Shelter’s children attained the honor of being “Jet of the Month” at Barber’s Point Elementary School.

If you thought that was enough to be proud of, how about a repeat in consecutive months! Keaulana Timbreza, an exuberant fourth grade student who’s a regular attendee and participant in Ka Pa‘alana’s Kama‘ehu program, received her Jet Award a week ago for being the top student in her class for the month of December, 2009.

The award, based on a student’s performance in several categories, is given as a means to encourage students to focus on others as well as themselves, and to take on tasks without being told. In addition, students must also be proficient in their academics and maintain high scores in all their subjects.

Keaulana did just that, and so was recognized by her teacher and fellow classmates last month.

Congratulations, Keaulana! You’ve given yourself, your parents, and our staff something to be proud of. And believe me, we are proud of you!

To read more about Kama‘ehu, you can download the complete newsletter. You will need Adobe Reader to view the document.