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Ka Paʻalana’s Annual Culture Night May 10, 2019

Ka Paʻalana’s Annual Culture Night May 10, 2019

Last Friday was the 9th annual Culture Night for our Ka Paʻalana Homeless Family Education Program. Dozens of families came out to celebrate their diverse cultures, spend time together, and have fun.

“Ka Paʻalana started this program with the hopes that we could join families of different cultures together,” said Kasey Galariada, a Family Education Coordinator with Ka Paʻalana.

The families at HOPE Shelter work hard throughout the year to put together dances and other performances from their different cultures. The time allows them to connect to their cultural roots, and take a break from their struggles to just celebrate with one another.

Qahhara Griffin is a participant of our Ka Paʻalana program and says that the annual event fosters a lot of love between the families. “It helps everyone become closer, to appreciate each other’s music, dancing, traditions… I’m so grateful I was a part of it.”

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