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Ka Hana No`eau’s Schedule of Events September 2, 2010

Ka Hana No`eau’s Schedule of Events September 2, 2010

Ka Hana No`eau is starting up it’s 6th year and we have some exciting events in our future, please look forward to seeing our students doing presentations and demonstrations while partnering with the broader community.

July 23 and 24 – Mentoring group of Hawaiian Saddle making demonstrated at the Hawaii Farm Bureau Federation Hawaii State Fair at the Bishop museum.

September 24th- hosting the Pacific Century Fellows Program in Kohala Intergeneration Center sharing about our Kohala initiative in 50 % food sustainable in the year 2018.

The objective of the Pacific Century Fellows Program is to develop leaders with a greater awareness and sensitivity to the people and institutions of Hawaii. Pacific Century Fellows Program will bring together annually up to 32 of Hawaii’s most promising individuals from all walks of life, fields and professions.

September 24th – Hawaii Agriculture Conference at Ko’olina Resort sponsored by Hawaii Rural Development Council. As one of the 4 presenters on the forum , KHN will sharing their role in Kohala initiative – 50 % food sustainable program in the year 2018.

October 8th – Mentors and Mentees attend their own workshop at Marriott Hotel on “Service Learning Projects.” workshop presenters, Hawaii County Mayor Kenoi executive staff members. Each of the (9) mentoring group is required to collaborate with the community in identifying the need, plan and implement a service learning project.

October 12 and 13- Mentoring group of Hawaii Saddle making demonstrating at the Council Native Hawaii Advancement (CNHA) conference at the Hawaii Convention Center. CNHA Nonprofit supporting agencies and organizations focused on low to moderate income Native communities.