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Ka Hana No`eau’s Own Kynan Goes To International Youth Leadership Summit May 30, 2012

Ka Hana No`eau’s Own Kynan Goes To International Youth Leadership Summit May 30, 2012

Congrats to Kynan Kawai!

The Sustainable Hawai’i Youth Leadership Initiative is pleased to announce the youth who will serve as a delegates to the 8th Annual Youth Leadership Summit for Sustainable Development on Martha’s Vineyard: June 23-29.

Prior to their departure they will develop a power point document to present on the Hawaiian culture and green initiatives on their island. Each youth will create a section on one of these five areas: sustainable agriculture, sustainable building, sustainable business, sustainable culture, and sustainable energy.

During the Youth Leadership Summit the SHYLI delegation will create an action plans to develop Sustainability-In-Action Plan that benefit their community. Upon their return, they will work with their nominating organizations to engage others and implement their Sustainability-In-Action projects.

Based upon the nominees and their existing projects, we expect that they will focus on one (or more) of these sustainability programs in agriculture, building, business, culture and energy. During the coming year, we will use technology to keep SHYLI’s delegation connected, sharing their progress and trouble-shooting their challenges as they implement their Sustainability-In-Action projects. Each nominating organizations will serve as a community partner with their youth delegate to implement the Sustainability-In-Action projects.

A high school junior, Kynan has been a member of the KHN mentoring program for the past 7 yrs. He began with the Hawaiian Plant Propagation program, moved on to Culinary Arts, and for the past 4 years has studied with the program for Animal Husbandry.

Kynan was also a featured speaker at the Governor’s Agriculture Panel luncheon, where he shared our “Partners In Development Foundation – Ka Hana No‘eau Youth Sustainable Program”. The panel was sponsored by the State Department of Labor and Industrial Relations and the Department of Agriculture, and took place in Hilo with 350 invited guests.

Kynan has also been selected to attend another Youth Leadership program on “Substance Abuse Prevention” which will take place in Tennessee during the month of July, and will be representing Partners In Development Foundation – Ka Hana No‘eau program.

We gratefully acknowledge Hawaiian Airlines for Kynan’s travel to and from the east coast, and Tradewind Aviation for his flight to Martha’s Vineyard. Mahalo a nui loa!!!