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Hawaiian Thought of the Week May 13, 2014

Hawaiian Thought of the Week May 13, 2014

: to stand, to stay, exist, anchor

The context of the word kū, as interpreted in this month’s ‘ōlelo no‘eau (kū i ka māna), implies that our existence tends to be attributed to those whom each of us was reared by.

This word kū is sometimes a prefix to words that exemplify or intensify the characteristics of what follows it. As we consistently practice these traits, we tend to pass on these same qualities to our children and grandchildren.

kūpono – standing up for the principles of fairness, and reason

kūnānā – puzzled, stumped (deer in the headlights)

kūnewa – to age, to pass (in time)

kūikawā – occasional, provisional, independent