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Five Senses Come Alive at Aunty Nona’s Lo‘i September 17, 2010

Five Senses Come Alive at Aunty Nona’s Lo‘i September 17, 2010

This month, the students and families of Ka Pa‘alana Preschool visited Aunty Nona’s Lo‘i in Waialua to enhance this month’s theme of The Five Senses. It was a beautiful time of cultural enhancement, sensory building, and just simple country enjoyment.

Our families rotated between two stations. At Station 1, we learned about different parts of the kalo plant, and got to clean and pound the kalo using ‘opihi shells and pōhaku ku‘ i‘ai, or poi pounder. Keiki and adults alike pounded the kalo to make pa‘i ‘ai, or undiluted taro, which we tasted and got to take home.

At Station 2, our families stepped into the lo‘i and got to feel the smooth, cool, and squishy texture of the mud between our toes. Everyone rinsed off, then jumped in the fresh water spring pool to cool off from the midday heat.

After we visited both stations, we were treated to a delicious homemade lunch of spaghetti, applesauce, shoyu chicken, and fresh greens. Lunch was ONO. We were also treated to freshly baked Mango-Pa ‘i ‘Ai Bread, which we discovered can be found on Saturdays at Waialua’s Farmer’s Market. A big mahalo to the entire staff at Aunty Nona’s Lo‘i for making this month’s theme of The Five Senses just a little pastier, a little muddier, a little cooler, and a little tastier for us.