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Extending the Lines January 15, 2018

Extending the Lines January 15, 2018

Mr. Benedict Manapule, currently employed as a construction worker in his family’s business, Max Builders Construction LLC, has decided to help Ke Kama Pono (KKP) Safe House with a fence extension project in the coming weeks. Ben was formerly enrolled in the KKP program, funded by the Offices of Youth Services and the Department of Human Services. Ben helped with many of the onsite projects during that time: building a large wooden work deck in the backyard, installing the ceramic floor tiles in the kitchen, and repairing many of the drywall cracks and holes.

The current ongoing project at the Safe House is the construction of a Hale Wa’a (Canoe House), which is being built just outside the existing fence. In order to secure it for long-term storage, additional fencing is required. When Ben recently visited the Safe House, he asked what the boys had been working on and if they were behaving well. Upon hearing of our plans to add more chain-link fencing, Ben immediately inquired about getting involved.

It has taken almost a month to get the required paperwork completed, but now that it is done, we are ready to begin the work. To start, we’ve begun digging the necessary holes and setting the posts for the fence. If all goes according to plan, the fence extension project will be completed by the end of this month.

When asked why he wanted to be a part of the fence project, Ben replied, “I love this place…it taught me a lot and this is my opportunity to give back. I want to see some of these boys do good too; maybe they can learn a trade and make their families proud of them.” Ben has acquired a lot of experience and knowledge since leaving the Program. He said the KKP Program taught him how to be respectful, to keep his focus on the work, and to save money for the better things in life.

We look forward to having the KKP residents work alongside Ben, allowing him to step up as a mentor from his former role as a mentee.