Holding Hands

E Mālama I Ke Kai July 22, 2010

E Mālama I Ke Kai July 22, 2010

On July 8th Pōka‘i Bay became the classroom for Ka Pa‘alana Traveling Preschool, and our teachers were two City and County lifeguards and members of The Polynesian Voyaging Society. It was a perfectly beautiful day for the families to be learning from these distinguished guests.

Sitting under the coconut trees, the families participated in activities that enhanced the Ocean theme curriculum being taught at the various preschool sites. E Ala Captain Sam Kapoi and student navigator Kawika Kāne led the groups in learning about the necessities they brought onto the canoes as they made their voyages, and also about how they used the stars to navigate their way across the ocean.

Meanwhile, City and County lifeguard John Quincy Adams discussed ocean safety, and the importance of respecting the power of the ocean.

After the presentations everyone scoured the beach, trash bags in hand, to put into practice the value of E malama i ke kai, taking care of the ocean. Everyone pitched in to pick up trash, helping to beautify the premises and preventing it from going into the ocean where it could potentially harm precious sea life.

The day ended with a splash in the ocean, and relaxing on the beach. What a wonderful way to spend a beautiful summer day.