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Community Helpers in Waialua December 2, 2016

Community Helpers in Waialua December 2, 2016

Most keiki have a natural interest and excitement about fire trucks and first responders, however when they are able to interact and play with the real heroes, the excitement goes to an amazingly different level.

Alongside our theme for the month of October; “Community Helpers”, the Honolulu Fire Department came to visit our keiki, caregivers and staff at our site in Waialua.

They shared with our families and staff a small presentation about emergency responders and fire safety. Our keiki were able to interact with the firefighters and also had an opportunity to be a firefighter themselves as they were given the chance to experience the water-shooting hose!

In addition to interacting with our community helpers, our staff also conducts monthly fire drills at each site. This teaches our keiki to identify the sound of the fire alarm, how to follow emergency evacuation protocol and the importance of being safe.

Our families are always excited about our efforts at Tūtū and Me and how we are able to emphasize the importance of safety in our communities and the appreciation we have for our community helpers.