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Beautiful Mural at Anahola Clubhouse September 1, 2011

Beautiful Mural at Anahola Clubhouse September 1, 2011

Upon returning from summer break, the East Kaua‘i Tūtū and Me staff and ‘ohana were greeted with the beginning of a beautiful mural that covered the walls of the Anahola Clubhouse.

The East Kaua‘i Anahola site was invited by Kukulu Kumuhana O Anahola to participate in the KKOA Anahola Ahupua‘a Moving Mural Project.

This incredible mural is breathing life onto walls that used to be dull and dark. Many people from the community are transforming the clubhouse into a beautiful moving mural. Tūtū and Me was invited to paint two of the pillars.

Our keiki with little help from their caregivers were able to paint fish, shells, and turtles. We taped stencils to the pillars and the keiki were able to paint inside the stencil. Some keiki worked together to finish their areas, while others worked with their caregivers to add their talent to the mural.

Since the completion, the keiki have been coming to school excited to find the fish they painted. One keiki went home and said “Grandma I painted a mural.” Each day the families are noticing new and beautiful artwork being added to different sections of the clubhouse. What a blessing for our families to have a part in a mural that they can enjoy and share with others for years to come.