Holomua 2019 Inspires Staff & Promotes Health

about - (Fri) August 2, 2019

Staff from Tūtū and Me Traveling Preschool, We Are Oceania, Ka Paʻalana Homeless Family Education, and administration perform hula aerobics at the annual Holomua event on July 24th.
Holomua is our annual in-service event that brings in staff from across Hawaiʻi. All of our programs from Tūtū and Me Traveling Preschool to the Pili A Paʻa teacher training program are represented and provide a rare opportunity for cross-sharing between our far-reaching initiatives.

This year's Holomua had a theme of health, echoing the "health and resiliency" mantra that has been guiding our work for the last year. The agenda included seminars from Ke Ola Mamo, one of five Native Hawaiian health care systems created under the Native Hawaiian Health Care Act of 1988.

Ke Ola Mamo presented on both the wide array of services across the Islands offered by the Hawaiian health care systems, and ways in which our staff can ensure they are in good health. 

Our Hui Nohona culture team helped to organize the event and ensured that proper protocol was followed. The PIDF oli was performed by all staff, with Cultural Specialist Assistant Aaron Mahi leading the oli.

The event lasted all day, concluding in the late afternoon with an aerobics lesson in hula. Several of our staff are part of hālau, and led movements in kāholo, kāʻō, ʻami, and others. The energetic session ended with a five minute lesson in lomi from our Hui Nohona Program Manager, Billy Richards.

One mind, one heart, one team: PIDF staff at Holomua 2019.

Roughly, holomua means to move forward. We use the example of a canoe paddling team. Everyone has to work together in order to move the canoe forward. If the paddles aren't in sync, then they'll work against each other and slow the canoe down (or go nowhere at all).

For us, Holomua means that no matter how small or big our jobs are, we must keep our minds focused on our mission: inspiring and equipping families and communities for success and service, using timeless Native Hawaiian values and traditions.

By focusing as one on our mission and purpose here at PIDF, we move forward together. Together, we are able to make an impact through our many programs across Hawaiʻi nei. One mind, one heart, one team!

Mahalo nui loa to all our hardworking staff for exemplifying the values of Partners in Development Foundation, and helping to empower our communities to be healthy and resilient!