New Hui Nohona Series Teaches Hawaiian Lunar Calendar

Hui Nohona - (Thu) August 22, 2019


Our Hui Nohona team has been working diligently to provide cultural trainings, lessons, and activities to our program families and staff across the Islands. 

From cooking lessons using local foods with our Ka Paʻalana parenting classes to composing songs for Tūtū and Me Traveling Preschool to sing at Hōkūleʻa, Hui Nohona strives to help our staff and families develop a deeper understanding of Hawaiian culture.

Mahina Minute is the brainchild of Hawaiian Cultural Specialist Malia Scanlan. Aunty Malia has been with Partners in Development Foundation for five years, working alongside Aaron Mahi and Billy Richards to ensure that proper Hawaiian protocol and practices are carried out by all our programs.

The purpose of Mahina Minute is to explain the wisdom of the Hawaiian lunar calendar, or the Kaulana Mahina. Ancient Hawaiians developed this calendar to track time based on their observations. Through Mahina Minute, Aunty Malia will help us learn how these traditional Hawaiian practices can relate to our modern lives.

New segments will be released according to the Kaulana Mahina cycle, so they will not be as regular as Hui Nohona's other series, Nā Huaʻōlelo ā Ka Mālama. Instead, they will air within a few days of the lunar event described in the video.

Find the latest segment and the entire Mahina Minute series by visiting our YouTube channel! Catch the videos early before they're shared out across our social media pages, and keep up to date with the latest from our other programs.