Making a Difference for Mistelani

Ka Pa‘alana - (Fri) February 1, 2019


Mistelani (or Miste) is a single mom of three young children. A Native of Oʻahu, she recently started attending Partners in Development Foundation’s Ka Paʻalana program. Miste and her children currently live at the program’s HOPE Shelter: transitional housing for the houseless in Kalaeloa.

Abandoned by her father and raised by her mother, who continues to have psychological problems, Miste has been physically, mentally, and sexually abused and has overcome a great deal of hardship in her life.

“All I really wanted to have was a family,” says Miste. “I planned for things in life to happen a certain way, but I ended up with three kids from three different fathers. A lot of the time to protect my kids and do what was right, I had to be alone.”

Ka Paʻalana serves homeless and at-risk families in Hawaiʻi, providing basic needs items (such as diapers, bedding, and shoes) and educational programming (Family-Child Interaction Learning Program, Parent Education, Adult Education, and Home Visiting).

The goal of Ka Paʻalana is to equip families toward greater self-sufficiency and prepare children for school success. The program also serves as the initial contact agency for families who are ready to transition to local shelters or temporary housing facilities, like HOPE Shelter. Ka Paʻalana has provided a platform for Miste to meet other families that are going through hardship, and in turn creates a support system for her.

“I was heartbroken for her,” says Kasey Galariada, a Family Education Coordinator with Ka Paʻalana. “But I am so thankful that we can provide a safe place for Miste and her children, and an education for them, resources, friendship, support – all the things that she really deserves.”