Hawaiian Airlines Take Ka Paʻalana Keiki to Childrenʻs Discovery Center

Ka Pa‘alana - (Tue) September 11, 2018


On Tuesday, September 11, 2018, Hawaiian Airlines unveiled a newly renovated airline exhibit at the Children’s Discovery Center in Kakaʻako.

Ka Paʻalana families at the Family Assessment Shelter were invited to witness the blessing ceremony and enjoy the new interactive exhibit for the first time.

With shouts of joy, the children and their parents dressed as pilots and flight attendants, took control in the cockpit, and played with the interactive LED displays on the back of the headrests. For many, this was their first time aboard a plane.

After the unveiling, our families were told that the rest of the Discovery Center was open for them to explore, free of charge! The children spent rest of the morning playing and enjoying the rest of the exhibits.

Thank you, Hawaiian Airlines and Children’s Discovery Center for inviting our staff and participants to be the first guests to experience your new gift!