Children and Youth Day

Ka Pa‘alana - (Fri) October 6, 2017

On Sunday, October 1st, families from across Oʻahu gathered at the state capitol to celebrate the 24th Annual Children and Youth Day. Despite the stifling, humid weather, the event was filled with fun and laughter all around. Numerous companies, non-profits, and government agencies were scattered around the capitol building providing activities, games, and entertainment for keiki young and old.
Ka Pa‘alana hosted a kalo (taro) pounding activity using homemade playdough that was colored to mimic pa‘i‘ai. While children were engrossed in “pounding kalo,” staff spoke with parents about their early childhood education program, the type of curriculum they teach with, their unique emphasis on parent-child interactive learning, and the importance of learning through play. When families were finished with the activity, pens, pencils, reusable grocery bags, multi-use cooking utensils, and colorful playdough samples to take home were passed out.
Through this spirited event, Ka Paʻalana was able to share not only about their program but of the many programs of Partners in Development Foundation. It was a great day to enjoy our keiki o ka ʻāina (our children of this land)!