A Huakaʻi to Kaʻala Cultural Center

about - (Wed) February 3, 2016

In an effort to promote scientific inquiry and engineering, families of the Hale Wai Vista, Hale Makana O Nānakuli and Wai‘anae preschool sites of Ka Pa‘alana toured Kaʻala Cultural Center in Wai‘anae valley. Hawaiian culture and practices were brought to life as families walked the grounds of Kaʻala Cultural Center. A sense of respect and appreciation for Hawaiian culture could be felt as Anakala Eric Enos shared the history of Mount Kaʻala. Standing at 4,010 feet above sea level, Mount Kaʻala serves as a representation of aina momona (nourished landscape) and ahupuaʻa for poʻe kahiko (people of old). Families toured the loʻi, and keiki were given nets to explore the pond as their feet sunk deep into the mud. A food demonstration was performed as the staff of Kaʻala Farms extracted taro from the loʻi to kuʻi (pound) for tasting. While talking about her experience at Mount Ka‘ala, Christine Hernandez, a caregiver at Ka Paʻalana’s Hale Wai Vista site said, “Ka Paʻalana is a place where your child can learn and grow, both in the modern and traditional practices of the Hawaiian culture.” In the words of the Hawaiian Proverb, “Ma ka hana ka ‘ike.” In working, one learns.