Tech Together ~ Ke Ao Nei Program "Pushing the Envelope"

Tech Together - (Wed) October 31, 2012

Ke Ao Nei is pushing the envelope toward reaching more youth in Hawaii.  Leihōkū Elementary is a new school for Tech Together.

With approximately 125 students, they were eager to learn about renewable and non-renewable energy.  With the eighth lesson starting at harnessing the sun’s energy, the students discovered the wide uses of solar thermal, photovoltaic, and solar cells.  The excitement filled the air as the students discovered that they were building a solar car and a solar oven today.  They not only raced their solar cars but also baked marshmallows in their new solar ovens.

Hands on projects are a pivotal component to the success of Tech Together.  It reinforces the concepts learned and it makes learning fun. Did you know that the famous voyaging canoe, Hōkūle‘a, has solar panels?

With Hawai‘i’s beautiful climate, our state has the advantage of using the sun to bring renewable energy to our daily lives. What a great day at Leihōkū Elementary!