Frequently Asked Questions

What is Partners in Development Foundation?

Partners in Development Foundation (PIDF) is an IRS Section 501(c)(3) non-profit public charity incorporated in
1997, that provides a wide range of free programs in education, social services, environmental sustainability,
and integrating Hawaiian language/culture for the at-risk communities in the State.


To inspire and equip families and communities for success and service using timeless Native Hawaiian values and traditions


Healthy & Resilient Communities

The Foundation strives to help families and communities overcome difficult challenges in ways that would make them, in turn, teachers and helpers of others in need. Consisting of 230 full-time employees and 81 part-time/on-call employees, PIDF has collectively served over 80,000 people of all ages, genders, and ethnicities.

Why are your programs needed?

PIDF believes that success starts early. By increasing the skills and learning of young children and their caregivers, we impact school and family success in the neediest communities in Hawai‘i. Studies have shown that $1 invested in early education saves the community $8.60 or more in social service costs later in life.

Unfortunately, the indigenous ethnic group of the state, the Native Hawaiians, are disproportionately represented in many negative statistics, e.g., highest rate of incarceration, high school drop-outs, teen pregnancy, substance abuse, etc. PIDF infuses the Native Hawaiian culture, language and values in all of its programs in order to reach these needy families in a way that instills pride in who they are and rejuvenates their sense of self and confidence that they are capable to achieve their goals.

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