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Partners in Development Foundation inspires and equips families and communities for success and service using timeless Native Hawaiian values and traditions.

Partners Working for You

Partners Working for You

Since 1997, Partners in Development Foundation (PIDF) has been dedicated to drawing upon the ancient Hawaiian cultural traditions to meet the current challenges facing today’s Hawaiian population. Using vital traditional concepts such as the ahupua‘a system of land and environmental stewardship, and ho‘ona‘auao, traditional mentorship in education, Partners in Development creates and implements programs to address the needs of at-risk groups within the Hawaiian community, such as preschool children, their caregivers, and economically depressed neighborhoods.

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Our Values

Our Values

Our five core values are central to our mission, our work, and how we interact daily with our communities. 

love; respect

Love for self, family, and others is a lifelong commitment. Aloha is conveyed with purpose: it is a sincerity that comes from deep within. We experience the joy of unconditional love through service; therefore, we welcome others and reach out to offer help in whatever way might be needed.

harmony; unity

Our ancestors were very aware of their need to be spiritually balanced before starting their work. Maintaining harmony was their first priority in life; so we practice and perpetuate these same teachings throughout our work. We are a family working in unity and trust because we speak from our hearts and recognize the value of every member in our community.

to care for; to honor

We have a strong sense of kuleana (responsibility) to our past, present, and future. This brings forth purpose to preserve the lessons of the past, motivation to practice and improve in the present, and meaning to ensure a favorable future. This sense of stewardship with a humble heart is a trait we aim to instill in our children and neighbors through our commitment to servant-leadership.

goodness; morality

The essence of pono is being in accordance with what is just, good, or proper, with a foundation in rightness and balance. It teaches an attitude of nurturing and optimism that permeates everything we do. Hana pono, mai pono hana! – Do things right (the first time), not haphazardly!

greatest; to excel

The pursuit of excellence is reflected in the high standards of quality that our programs exhibit.

Partners in Development Foundation (PIDF), an IRS Section 501(c)(3) non-profit charitable organization was incorporated in 1997 with the goal of helping families and communities overcome difficult challenges in ways that would make them, in turn, teachers and helpers of others in need.

Our Impact

Foundations funds went to serving the community
Successful reintegration of adjudicated youth
People served are Native Hawaiian

Our Commitment

Our Commitment

We are committed to strengthening our communities through the strategic implementation of innovative ideas. From the organization's inception, strong, transparent fiscal management has been a priority to ensure the success of our programs. As we focus on the long-term success of the people and the communities we serve, we hope to instill a sense that those who succeed have, in turn, a responsibility to serve others in need.