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25 Preschoolers graduate from Na Pono Junior Kindergarten May 28, 2015

25 Preschoolers graduate from Na Pono Junior Kindergarten May 28, 2015

Partners in Development Foundation is proud to announce Nā Pono No Nā ʻOhana’s graduating class of 2015.

On May 27th, 2015, 25 keiki (children) graduated from Nā Pono’s Junior Kindergarten program and will start kindergarten in the fall. As family and friends gathered for Circle Time in the main classroom to watch their keiki graduate, our staff did their usual routine of setting up and getting everyone situated to experience this wonderful and thrilling event.

This exciting event was a great experience for the community but these preschoolers were exhilarated themselves. Upon graduating from their pre-kinder class, these keiki were able to experience what success feels like at an early age. It’s milestone events such as this that motivate these children to succeed in the future and encourage them to continue to thrive as they grow.

Family members and friends came out to show their love and support. This program was designed to point parents, caregivers, and their children in the right direction as they learn and grow together. The Nā Pono Junior Kindergarten is structured as an FCIL (Family Child Interactive Learning) programs, which encourages a unique learning style environment, which includes both child and caregiver. We believe that children learn best from their most intimate caregiver.