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Na Makamae: Craig, Safety November 26, 2019

Na Makamae: Craig, Safety November 26, 2019

Craig Okutani has been our Safety Manager for one year now, and in that time he has become a fixture at Partners in Development Foundation (PIDF). Known for his willingness to kokua and his humor, Craig has been working hard to ensure all our programs and offices across the state comply with regulations and stay safe.

He came to PIDF after looking for another position that would allow him to spend more time with his family, and Craig was delighted with how welcoming PIDF has been since he started.

“When I looked at the foundation I saw the work they do and the services they provide, who they are… it made me very interested in joining the team,” he said. “When I was accepted to the position I was very elated.”

Craig says his job is basically trying to get people to work safely, to minimize and prevent accidents. He works hard to be someone who is accessible and approachable to the rest of the staff, and tries to challenge people’s misconceptions about safety.

“I want people to see me as a resource, as someone who can help them,” he says.

Sovaia Ravono is the Senior HR/Payroll Specialist at PIDF and works regularly with Craig — the HR team and Safety share an office down the road from headquarters. Craig is frequently out of the office visiting our dozens of sites across Oʻahu and the neighbor islands but is always thinking of others.

“I don’t see him every day… but when I see him he’s great, very kind and always wants to know how we’re doing,” Sovaia says. “He shows a lot of aloha.”

Craig has organized a Safety Committee with representatives from our different programs and the PIDF administration. The committee meets monthly to discuss the month’s training theme (November’s is “Fire Safety Awareness”). Craig always finds a way to liven up the seminar and foster discussion. September’s “Driver Safety” had a particularly animated talk about the roads in Hawaiʻi and people’s driving habits.

Mahalo nui loa, Craig! We are so thankful to have you as part of the PIDF ʻohana, keeping everyone safe, informed, and being a shining example of our core value of doing things pono — doing things right, the first time, not haphazardly!

Na Makamae is our monthly segment where we recognize employees who are doing tremendous work with the children and families they serve. ‘Na Makamae’ refers to those who are prized, highly valued, highly appreciated. Na Makamae are those who are endeared to us.