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Na Makamae: Ross, Pili A Paʻa October 30, 2019

Na Makamae: Ross, Pili A Paʻa October 30, 2019

Ross Pagat has been with Partners in Development Foundation for almost seven years. He is currently a Community School Manager with our Pili a Paʻa teacher training program.

Located in Kapaʻau, Pili A Paʻa was created to address critical deficits in reading, math, and science for Native Hawaiian students on Hawaiʻi Island. The project seeks to build teachers’ knowledge while integrating Native Hawaiian cultural values and processes.

Ross was first introduced to PIDF by the Kohala High School principal, who mentioned Pili a Paʻa. Ross was excited for the opportunity to work for an organization helping the three schools he attended and graduated from. 

“What really inspires me about my work is I am able to give back to the community I grew up in,” says Ross. 

Brennen ‘Mana’ Pasco is a Replacement Instructor with Pili a Paʻa and has worked alongside Ross for four years. “Ross is an inspiration to me both professionally and personally,” he says. “I admire the way he carries himself day in and day out, and the way he cares for the people he is trying to help.”

Although Kohala Elementary School principal Hannah Loyola has only known Ross for four months, she praises him as a dedicated individual who “works with relentless fervor,” doing whatever it takes to provide opportunities to families to be engaged with the schools and for teachers to engage with families.

“He has been a blessing,” she says, “offering to help in any way possible.”

Hoʻomaikaʻi, Ross! We are so thankful to have you as part of the Partners in Development Foundation ʻohana, bringing your community-mindedness and aloha to all you encounter. 

Na Makamae is our monthly segment where we recognize employees who are doing tremendous work with the children and families they serve.  ‘Na Makamae’ refers to those who are prized, highly valued, highly appreciated. Na Makamae are those who are endeared to us.