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Tūtū and Me Staff Visit Loko ʻEa Fishpond July 10, 2019

Tūtū and Me Staff Visit Loko ʻEa Fishpond July 10, 2019
The school year might be over but our preschool staff are already preparing for next year. Tūtū and Me Traveling Preschool teachers, team leaders, and management went on their own huakaʻi to the Loko ʻEa fishpond on Oʻahu’s North Shore.
During their visit, our Tūtū and Me Oʻahu group toured Loko ʻEa and learned all about the area’s history, how fishponds function, and what they mean for the surrounding environment.
The ancient site in Waialua is nestled in fertile estuary systems. Along with Ukoʻa, Loko ʻEa is a distinct loko puʻuone (or sand-dune pond) near the ocean shore, connected by a stream.

Loko ʻEa is a Wahi Pana, a significant cultural area, to the people of Waialua and is associated with deities, cultural practices, and historical events.

It’s said to be home of Laniwahine: the mo’owahine female water guardian of the fishponds.
Besides gaining knowledge and insight into traditional Hawaiian practices, our staff also explored the possibility of bringing Tūtū and Me keiki and families to the fishponds next year. 
Tūtū and Me staff completed several activities that might be available on future huakaʻi, from colorful leaf rubbings and fish tank lessons to replanting seedlings. Everyone in the group enjoyed the activities, and voiced excitement about bringing their classes to Loko ʻEa.
Mahalo nui loa to the Mālama Loko ʻEa Foundation for hosting our staff! Special mahalo to Sayo Constantino, the Kupuohi Education Program Director, for showing our staff around and being a wonderful teacher!
To learn more about Loko ʻEa or to schedule a visit, contact the Mālama Loko ʻEa Foundation by calling 808-637-3232 or email info@lokoea.org.