Second Graders Gift Literacy to Ka Paʻalana

Second graders at Hawaiʻi Baptist Academy (HBA) purchased 100 books for the preschoolers in our Ka Paʻalana Homeless Family Education Program. The HBA students were able to purchase the books with money they raised doing chores at home.

“The families who receive these books are very appreciative because they don’t have money to spend on books for their children, and because they understand that education and the ability to read are the keys to escaping poverty,” said second grade teacher Dayna Nakamura.

“This project also benefits [the HBA] students because they are able to learn in a tangible way that they are able to make a positive impact in their community.”

We are so grateful to these second graders for their generosity and hard work. Their efforts exemplify our mission to inspire communities to lift up one another.